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We recommend for online chess !

Chess helps to raise the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) scores of an Individual.

Strengthens problem solving skills, planning skills, teaching how to make difficult and abstract decisions independently.

Fosters critical, creative and original thinking.

Provides practice at making accurate and fast decisions under time pressure, a skill that can help improve exam scores at school.

Teaches how to think logically and efficiently, learning to select the ‘best choice’ from a large number of options while inculcating discipline and time sense.

Challenges gifted children while potentially helping underachieving students learn how to study and strive for excellence.

Enhances reading, memory, language and mathematical abilities.

Reaches out to Boys and Girls regardless of their natural abilities or socio-economic backgrounds.

It improves the socializing and behavioural abilities in children. It inspires self motivation and improves your patience, will power and concentration.

Chess does not require costly equipments to start out, it is meant for people of all ages and last but not the least; Chess is FUN.
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