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Chess Shoots monthly Rapid on 02 FEB 2014 at Maharashtra Mandal, 2nd cross, Gandhinagar. Please note: Venue is new

CHESS SHOOTS  is one of the premier chess coaching Academies in Bangalore, Karnataka which caters to the training needs of Children, Chess professionals and hobbyists alike. With Professional Chess coaches and best in class training methods, your kid is sure to have that ‘edge’ to play. Your one stop solution for Chess coaching (individual, coaching in Schools, small group coaching's), Summer camps, organizing tournaments, Chess goods, Chess equipment rentals etc. Register with us and start your journey of the scintillating game of ‘Chess ’.


Welcome ! Give your KID the Chess Advantage !

Yes ! You heard it right ! Chess is a weapon in a person’s Arsenal to act as a catalyst to tap one’s inner potential.

Chess is not just a profession to us, it’s our Passion.

Why Choose US !

It is a known fact that Chess breeds success in kids. A game like no other, instils self confidence, elevates your grades and benefits bountiful.

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Give your KID the sure shot edge to success -The Chess way.

Why Learn Chess !

Choose from our range of learning options from one on one, four in a group, ten in a group, mass audience / school, and online coaching.

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Learn at your pace, convenience and group/individual options.

Learning Options

We have an incredible track record of coaching youngsters, organizing local tournaments and empowering kids to achieve at various levels in Chess/Life.

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Why Us Why Chess Learning Options

December month Winners

Of First Sunday Rapid Chess

Chess Shoots Monthly Rapid chess tournament on

02 Feb 2014

- Contact Jayanthi  for details


Entries restricted to first 250 players only.


- Venue: Maharashtra Mandal            Building,

No:28, 2nd Cross,

Gandhinagar, B’lore - 09


- Entry Fees: Rs 250/- per player.

- Entry close: Sharp 9:00 AM on                      tournament day.


- Category : Under 8,10,12,14 and                 open category.

-Conditions: Players to bring own                  chess sets.

- Prizes :5 trophies per category             and cash prizes for open.

- Time Control: 25 mins each.                  

Food provided only for participants

Professional Chess Coaching In Bangalore !

Chess Shoots  - GOLD

Player of the Month

Click on the trophies to access previous month winners and gallery


Name : Karthikay C

(Under-07- State 2nd - Feb 2013)

Chess Shoots - SILVER

Player of the Month

Name : Aarvi Jain

(Under-07 - State 5th - Feb 2013)

Chess Shoots - BRONZE

Player of the Month

Name : Tanmay Karmarkar

(Under-07 - Credible Performance - Feb 2013)